The Fourth Revolt / Evolution vs. Intelligent Design
(Not so) intelligent (and horrifyingly cruel) design

Followers of Creationism (or "intelligent design") often have a naïvely romantic view of the
natural world.  Certainly, no one can deny that the Earth flaunts a multitude of beautiful
landscapes, from the soothing to the spectacular -- or  that these settings often brim with
many flora and fauna that appear to exist in peaceful harmony with their environment.  But
even in the most idyllic of locales, nature always presents us with a frightening and stark
look at a universe greatly removed from any sense of justice or compassion.  The world
around us, though occasionally adorned by waterfalls and rainbows, also serves as a
vessel for an inordinate and intolerable number of ruthless and bloody systems, amorally
parasitic relationships, and disturbing life cycles that revolve exclusively around inflicting
pain and suffering on other organisms.  To put it simply, a theory of life and Earth must
not only explain bunnies, roses, and butterflies – but typhoid, parasitic wasps, and brown
recluse spiders.  Click on the button-link to the right for "The Devil's Mathematician" web
page, which explores the less cuddly and majestic byproducts of natural selection.
Transitional Fossils (Coming soon: Under construction)