JGR Video / Ocean continent imbalance between
the northern and southern hemispheres
Video Caption: In the Southern Hemisphere, the northward motion of latitudinal
bands of crust to larger latitudinal circumferences has led to significant
emplacement of new seafloor at spreading ridges.  In the Northern Hemisphere,
latitudinal bands of crust move to smaller circumferences so less new seafloor is
emplaced.  The resulting disparity in seafloor spreading rates has led to the
ocean-continent imbalance between the hemispheres.  

This video was published online at
Journal of Geophysical Research --as a media
addition to: McCarthy, D. (2007)
Geophysical explanation for the disparity in
spreading rates between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, Journal of
Geophysical Research
, 112, B03410, doi:10.1029/2006JB004535.