Third Letter of the Date
Extracting the Letters of the date at the
highest possible resolution:
We obtained a large format transparency (4x5 inches) of
the Longleat manuscript through Dr Kate Harris, the
Curator of Longleat Historic Collections.  The large format
transparency was then sent to Pearson Imaging for its
conversion into the clearest image at their highest
resolution possible (2000 ppi), and this was placed on cd.
 In order to continue to increase clarity, we used Adobe
Illustrator CS2 and Snag-it editor to "invert colors" (Fig. 2),
then isolated the third letter and used the cloning tool to
remove the background flourish. (Fig. 3)    But for the
sake of greater clarity, we then used the illustrator cloning
tool to remove the background flourish. At this point, there
is no doubt about the lines and structure of the letter.  
Then with the help of "color substitute" and the drawing
pen, we retraced the image at 800% zoom so that it can
be seen in black on white.